The gospel renews our communities.


A New Community

The church is not just the place we meet at, it’s also the people who are in it. Every person regardless of ethnicity, income, age, or status becomes part of a family through faith in Jesus Christ. We always seek to find more ways to bring others into this new community that God has created through the gospel. We love, we care, we provide, we live honestly and authentically before God and one another. Discipleship happens as we are doing life together.

A Community for the Sake of others

We live life together through community groups, hospitality, forming professional groups (healthcare, business, finance, non-profit, etc.) or special-interest groups (women’s/men’s/mom’s ministry, young adults/college ministry, high school, jr high, and children’s ministry), workshops, and having casual hangouts with each other. Each of these simultaneously serve as new opportunities to invite others in our networks into our church community. We will be committed to always having an outward focus, because God turned toward us and invited us into his new family.