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Children's Ministry

Sunday Morning Children's Program

We believe families and children are a vital part of our church community, and that when families are saturated by the gospel we will be a church that is a greater blessing to the city of San Diego. When families flourish, the city flourishes.

Children are welcome to worship together with their parents for the first 10-15 minutes of the service. After a brief time of being together as a whole church family, parents then have the option for their children to go off into classrooms assorted by age group.

We use Bible study, crafts, music, games, and memory work to teach our children the gospel in ways they can comprehend. We provide nursery care for children ages 0 – 2 years old and have instructional time for children 3 years old up through 5th grade. Children and safety are very important to us, all children volunteers have been carefully screened and have had a background check.


If you have any questions or if you are interested in helping us in any way, please contact our Children's Ministry Director, Brooke Bessey, at

Redemption Youth

Middle School Group:

Every 2nd and 4th Friday Nights | 6:30 PM | Location: Varies

Our youth get together twice a month for a time of bible study, prayer, singing and a fun activity led by one of our parents.

Contact Alison or email to find out more or get involved.


Women's Ministry

Some of the women from our 2019 Women’s Retreat (Clinging to God’s Word in Everyday Affliction)

Some of the women from our 2019 Women’s Retreat (Clinging to God’s Word in Everyday Affliction)

 The purpose of our Women’s Ministry deepen our relationship with Jesus and share life together with other women.

Please join us as we experience refreshing, biblical sound teaching, worship, discussion, and prayer together while building friendships and walking through the celebrations and trials of life as a community of women at Redemption Church and in our various callings (both in the home and at work). We meet the second Saturday of every month and organize events, like women’s retreats and book clubs, all with the intention of growing us closer to Jesus Christ and one another. Volunteers are welcome to assist with planning any of our activities.

We’d love to have you join us!

For more information, please contact or visit our events page for any upcoming events.


Men's Ministry

At Redemption Church, we want men to find and build real friendships. We want men to learn & grow by providing resources for discipleship, leadership, and vocation.

1. Events & Activities

  • Gatherings – The men meet the first Friday of every month to have a meal together, have conversation, and even have guest speakers to help facilitate discussions.

  • Recreational Sports – Recreational leagues and informal competitions/ participations of various sports (soccer, golf, basketball, surfing, etc.).

If you'd like to join the men, please contact our Men's Ministry Director


Mercy Ministry

Why do we care for others in our city?

We have partnered with Hope for San Diego to help the most vulnerable in our city to thrive.

Jesus became human not to be served but to serve. The gospel moves us away from ourselves and out toward others in love. We are motivated to seek justice and show mercy in our cities because God in Christ became poor so we might become rich, and he loved people different from himself.

He reached down to the lowly. He didn’t only relate to the powerful, wealthy, and “elite” groups of people, but he spent time with the marginalized and socially outcast. From the manger to the cross, Jesus became weak and insignificant in the eyes of the powerful.

As adopted children of God, empowered by the gospel, we live lives that love and serve our neighbors in tangible ways. 

What does gospel renewal look like in our cities? 

We show mercy and seek justice in our neighborhoods and cities through what we and many churches around the world call, "mercy ministry." 

Church Building in TJ

Church Building in TJ

  • Assist the poor and marginalized through securing donations, clothing and food drives, raising gift money, tutoring, etc.

  • Do service projects (TJ Church Build, park clean-ups, building wheelchair ramps, etc.)

  • Work with local government officials and politicians to better serve our city

  • Teach seminars and raise awareness for social issues (sex trafficking, racism/racial reconciliation workshops, marriage, abortion, child abuse protection, foster care and adoption, etc.)

We partner and coordinate with other local churches in our city and non-profits like Hope for San Diego to effectively, yet faithfully, bring renewal to people, communities, and the city around us. Only the gospel can motivate and enable us to love our neighbor as ourselves.

Music + Arts

Let us therefore sing
To the Lord our God:
Let us make a joyful noise
To the rock of our salvation!

Come into His presence
With thanksgiving:
Make a joyful noise to Him
With songs of praise!
— Psalm 95:1-2

Purpose – To glorify God so that we may enjoy him, and in turn, enjoy and edify one another.


We were all created to worship, and we believe that everyone worships something. Each of us look to something or someone to bring us a sense of self-worth, identification, and satisfaction, and we tirelessly give our time, money, talents, and mental exercise to finding relief.

We believe that God created us to find that relief in him, especially in his Son, Jesus Christ. To find your created purpose and then express your true, new self back to God is what worshipping is all about. Each of us express ourselves in different ways, and during different seasons of life we might prefer to cry or question rather than praise God. That's okay. Not all of life is one note.

We seek to worship God by using all of our emotions and with a wide range of old and new music that helps us do that.

If God has gifted you musically by playing an instrument(s) or by singing, we would love for you to consider joining our music ministry team. If you are interested or have any questions, please contact  

If you are a creative person and you would like to get involved with Room Aesthetics, Sound, Graphic Design, Video Production, Video Editing, Marketing, and/or Web Design, please consider using your gifts by joining our team!   Contact

Sunday Operations


We strive for a Sunday morning worship atmosphere that is welcoming, friendly, beautiful, and relevant. For opportunities to help make our Sunday morning excellent please contact

Ways you can help with Sunday Ops:

  • Set Up & Break Down

  • Greeters / Info Tables

  • Parking

  • Audio & Video

  • Food & Refreshments

  • Venue & Design Team

  • Signage

Financial Peace University

We all need a plan for our money. 

Financial Peace University (FPU) could be that plan for you! It's a class that teaches how to better steward money.

Through video teaching, class discussions, and interactive small group activities, FPU presents practical steps to get from where you are to where you’ve wished you could be. This plan will show you how to get rid of debt, manage your money, spend and save wisely, and much more!

Next Class: 

Contact Carol Guinn (

For questions about your finances or budget help, contact our Financial Counselor.